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Teaching Your Kids To Care For Their Teeth

Teaching your children to walk, talk and become proper children is the task for any parent.  In this process it is also very important that we teach our children proper oral care and show them how to brush and care for their teeth.  When we can do this, the need for all on 4 dental implants in Sun City might not be needed.  However, if are, be assured you are in good hands.

Show them

Children learn by watching.  Children are like sponges and they are absorbing lots and lots of information all the time.  When they see you brushing your teeth, using floss and washing your mouth out with mouthwash, they will want to mimic you and do the same things. 

If you don’t show them how to care for their teeth, then they will not pick up good habits and as a result need expensive dental care later in life.

Set a routine

You want to create a routine in which your kids will follow.  This routine will give them structure and force them to start acting in a specific way.  If we don’t create and set a routine, then children will get lost in their actions and they will just do what they want when they want it.  Unfortunately, this typically means that they will not follow through with their oral hygiene and start getting cavities in life.

Remove the bad foods

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We all love candy, chocolate, soda and items our parents tell us will rot our teeth.  If we remove these foods or at least limit their consumption, then we can help prevent the decay of their teeth if children don’t brush or take care of their teeth like they should.

It is all our own personal responsibilities to care for our teeth.  However, creating good habits and setting an example will make the process easier to start and maintain for our children.