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Common Generator Types

There are a wide variety of different kinds of generators available, some for industrial purposes and others for residential households. Whatever you need a generator for, it’s a good idea to go over your options and choose the right one for your requirements. Let’s look at some common types of generators for homes and commercial businesses.


Diesel generators run on diesel fuel, producing electricity using an electric generator along with the diesel engine. These are durable and do not require much maintenance; they also have a long lifespan and are very efficient. They do, however, release harmful gas emissions and do not do well in moist environments.

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Standby generators, also known as emergency power systems, kick in automatically when there is an interruption in the electrical system of your building. Standby generator installation in Johnson City, TN provides you with a large system attached to several components, allowing it to power devices when there is no other source of electricity available. These are on the expensive side, though, and require more maintenance than diesel machines.


Portable generators are generators that can be moved from place to place and are typically powered by diesel fuel or gas. These can be used at different sites and areas, including on construction sites or to power outdoor lights and fixtures. Portable generators are affordable and versatile, but they cannot be used inside an enclosed space and must be kept safe from the elements, such as rain.

When choosing a generator, consider the pros and cons before making your final decision on what to get for your home or company. There are numerous other generators that may work in your specific situation depending on the needs of your organization or household, so shop around to find something that looks like it will work best for you.