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Can Mosquito Transmit HIV

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Mosquitoes are a reason for several dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and chikungunya. Even though mosquitoes carry several blood-related diseases, HIV is not one of them. Given below are some reasons why you’re free of the risk of getting HIV every time you get bit by a mosquito. You must hire a mosquito control company in Wauwatosa and get rid of these dangerous and annoying pests.

The Way Mosquitoes Suck Blood

Mosquitoes inject their needle-like snouts into their victim’s skin. Their snouts are composed of four mouthpieces, four of which are used to pierce the skin. Through one of the remaining tubes, mosquitoes suck blood, and through the last one, they inject saliva.

Through this mechanism, even if the mosquito had sucked on HIV positive blood, it won’t enter the new host’s body.

Mosquitoes Can Digest The HIV Virus

Unlike humans, mosquitoes have immunity against the HIV virus. The virus is broken down in mosquitoes’ guts; therefore, it doesn’t replicate within the pest’s body. Their saliva is absolutely HIV virus-free. Even if a mosquito feeds on HIV positive blood, their bodies break the contamination cycle.

HIV Virus Is Not Circulated Through The Blood On Vast Levels

For any blood-related mosquito-borne disease to spread, the infected host’s blood should have enough of the virus’s circulation. However, the HIV virus circulates at very low levels in human blood. Therefore, the spread is not as likely.

The HIV circulation is so low in human blood that you’ll have to be bit by at least ten million mosquitoes to get a single unit of HIV virus in your bloodstream.

Summing It Up

HIV is a serious disease. However, it will not be spread through mosquitoes. Even with that being the case, there is no requirement to relax about having mosquitoes in your surroundings. If not HIV, they can infect you with other deadly diseases. You should always be cautious about having mosquitoes in your surroundings.